Coral Gemstone, The Tree of Heart

Handmade Gemstone Tree Sculpture materialized from red Coral chips and Brass wire.
Beautiful and one-of-a-kind piece of Wire Art, this Tree of Life is suitable gift for many occasions.

💎Coral is a traditional gift for the expectant mother or newborn as a protective amulet. Coral comes from the sea and is associated with emotional healing because of its watery home. This stone will help you to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy.
Heals problems with the ovaries and fallopian tubes, it stimulates ovulation. Red coral helps with childbirth and helps the parents bond with the baby.
Red coral will ease the abandonment feelings that adopted people can feel. It can also ease the way for people who are adopting a child.
​It enhances the mother – daughter relationship. ​

📌 Place your order for this item in my Etsy e-shop: KouinGemTrees


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